“Genius could be the ability to say a profound thing in a simple way.”
— Charles Bukowski (via literarylovers)

Mike Force

Mike Force

Mike Force

Mike Force

Mike Force

Mike Force

"Unhand me I am not a criminal / but I’ve played a guilty part / in the modern sense that one pretends that life is original / I’ll write a book / and I will call it something cynical"

Mont Blanc: Lines Written in the Vale of Chamouni

By Percy Bysshe Shelley

The everlasting universe of things
Flows through the mind, and rolls its rapid waves,
Now dark—now glittering—now reflecting gloom—
Now lending splendour, where from secret springs
The source of human thought its tribute brings
Of waters—with a sound but half its own,
Such as a feeble brook will oft assume,
In the wild woods, among the mountains lone,
Where waterfalls around it leap for ever,
Where woods and winds contend, and a vast river
Over its rocks ceaselessly bursts and raves.

Overheard in Starbucks

"I’d like a frappucino, but a hot one."

"None of our frappucinos are hot."

I just today decided nothing in the world makes me happier than watching Bax nibble a slice of watermelon with his little teeth.

"I go to war, like a fool / my cells are shaped, like a moon / all I can do is cry"

“I just need to get my shit together.”
— me in 2009/2012/this time last year/a minute ago/next year probably (via blurrymelancholy)

(via abbigshmail)

Missing so many people and spaces right now, and dreading missing even more in the future. Thankfully, Gabe gifted me this one many years ago. I come back to it often…

sau·da·de (Portuguese)
plural noun: saudades
Does not have an English translation. Describes a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves. In Portuguese, Tenho saudades de você" (Brazilian Portuguese) translates as "I have saudade of you” meaning “I miss you,” but carries a much stronger tone. In fact, one can have saudade of someone whom one is with, but have some feeling of loss towards the past or the future.