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Keep moving. Keep moving. Keep moving. Solid and much needed.

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Ahh, the migration of the rare golden retriever fish. What a rare and beautiful sight in nature.

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Just be fucking honest about how you feel about people while you’re alive.

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But when you’re dead, fuck ‘em.

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Jorge Luis Borges

"Cold watermelon on a hot July day is always a marvelous thing," said the wolf.

- James Gendron

Wasting my life in the gleaming snow

aka cocaine. Did you realize the human body

has got over seven miles of braided thoughts?
Under this girdle of fat I’m wasting away,
in a sweater, eating from a bucket.
In fat I see myself distilled
more honestly than in my face.
It stuffs me full of non-predestined life.

Pain: where do you come from?
I feel you, because I’m emotional. And I feel you
again, because I’m remotional.

- Carleen Tibbetts

carry the animal pain of arriving
stars fall behind schedule
their light a breach
a mission doomed
from the outset
you space crush
handler of such insatiable colors
juice up the kitsch of the fraudulent moon
elsewhere, insatiability announcing itself as empires of light

State of the Union

America is the greatest. Don’t think too hard.